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The scenery around us offers the possibility of taking calm walks and excursions for all the family, between woods or along the banks of Lake Ledro.

We advise you to descend from Locca to the inhabitated Pieve di Ledro, less than 1 km from our Family Hotel, and follow the path along the lake until you reach Molina di Ledro to see the museum where the prehistoric remains of the antique inhabitants of Val di Ledro are gathered, and their houses on the water, the famous pole dwellings of Lake Ledro.

Reachable by foot from the centre of the village of Tiarno di Sotto, not to be missed is the waterfall of 
Gord’ Abiss, spectacular for the white ice cold water which from the mountain, flows with great force into a deep canyon. On the boat ride to reach Gord’ Abiss it is worthwhile visiting the old flour mill, now readapted, with the ancient mill still functioning and the small Church near Santa Lucia.