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Lake Ledro

The Family Hotel Adriana is situated in a true corner of paradise in the centre of the Trentino region, at around 700 mt. of altitude. The Lake Ledro, less than 1 Km from the hotel, appears as a spectacular mirror of blue crystalline water inserted into the mountains. Here you will find beaches equipped for sailing, fishing but also easy walks.

The villages that make up the Valle di Ledro are rich with history and monuments: places from the famous battle of Bezzecca, the front line of the First World War, on the mountains to the north of the valley to the hills of Santo Stefano, to Molina di Ledro, the lake dwellings and the evocative reconstruction of the pile dwelling village with the prehistoric remains of ancient inhabitantsof the valley, kept in the adjacent museum.

But also the small lake of Ampola and the characteristic biotype with rare species of animals and vegetation. At Tiarno di Sotto the Gord’Abiss awaits you, a spectacular white waterfall, which spurts with a loud rumble into a deep canyon. Not forgetting the many charming castles and their legends, just waiting for history lovers.