Wellness at the Kinderhotel Adriana

Soave notes of wellbeing

Our hotel is a realm of fantasy, of colours and fun just as is wellbeing, relaxation and comfort. If you need to unwind, then our family hotel is just what you are looking for! While our entertainment team look after the little ones, you can take advantage of our wellness equipment to purify yourself with a Finish sauna or a biosauna, to then lie back on comfortable beds in the relaxation room and dedicate yourself to rest or a good book. 


In the background, you will hear a gentle relaxing melody whilst mellow fragrances further sweeten the atmosphere. Balsam for your mind and regeneration for the body that can also enjoy the gentle caresses of an invigorating shower. For us a holiday is a synonym of harmony and, why not, if you travel as a couple, also of romanticism. And so, discover the pleasure of being together….

Elio's advice

Dear mum's and dads, some relaxation is just what you need isn't it? Take advantage of our wellness centre!