Active holidays in Trentino

To the rhythm of sport

Thanks to its particular position, the Valle di Ledro represents a destination for all sports fans. Therefore, an active holiday rhymes with Trentino which, thanks to its particular morphology, offers a real life “natural gym” where you can concentrate on your favourite sport. Between water disciplines, walks and hikes in the mountains or golf, to name but a few; the bouquet of choice is absolutely phenomenal!

Nature, what adventure!

For all lovers of hiking and excursions, the landscape of Trentino offers unforgettable experiences and many possibilities to discover places and landscapes of never-ending charm. Some examples are the mountain huts of Bezzecca and Tiarno di Sopra at Tremalzo plus also, that of Cadria, Saval and Trat in Val Concei as well as those of Dromaè above Mezzolago. Fascinating routes that will lead you directly towards exquisite gastronomy experiences in the discovery of the delights of this territory.

Elio’s tip...

History is so old and interesting! Take a stroll into ancient Rome, the Roman bridge of Croina is right nearby.

In the saddle, towards a dream!

For all fans, at your disposition are maps with the more challenging itineraries for mountain bikes, which lead as far as the Tremalzo pass. Not to be missed, is the descent from the Tremalzo pass along the old military road which, from 1.700 m of height, takes you to Lake Garda. The most able and trained, can then reach  Monte Baldo with their mountain bike and will be paid back for all their efforts on arriving at the top. From there you will enjoy the sensation of being suspended in the clouds…..

Furthermore, it is possible to take part in trips with our mountain bikes and city bikes – also equipped with child seats -, thanks to the numerous cycle paths in the area and convenient pathways, amongst flowers and meadows, with the fortune of glimpsing a squirrel or marmot  scampering away, admire the gentle hovering of butterflies or the tiring work of bees in search of sweet nectar to transform into honey.