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The mountains

The Ledrensi mountains can be better discovered directly from our Family Hotel, if you wish to adventure to the old mountain chalets and huts, to sample the local mountain pasture products.

For those who love breathtaking views, Alpe di Tremalzo at a height of 2200 mt. is reachable, from whose summit suddenly appears a view of Lake Garda to Sirmione.

We recommend an itinerary by foot or mountain bike which leaves from Valle di Ledro along the Strada del Ponale, until you reach Lake Garda, one of the most beautiful and spectacular roads in the world, dug entirely by hand in the rock face with some points directly overhanging Lake Garda.

If you like to experience strong emotions, take the cable car to the top of mount Baldo from where to the north you can admire the range of the Dolomites of Brenta, snow capped even in summer and to the east, on a beautiful sunny day, see as far as Venice.

By car you can easily reach the nearby and spectacular Dolomites and the Valle di Genova.